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  • Egni Theoneandonly

    Flying Bat, San Diego.. If this is one of the Rodriguez Fruit bats from the San Diego Safari Park, I have visited this guy before Family Friendly Things To Do in San Diego

  • Gwen Long

    fruit bat aka flying fox, San Diego....what beautiful creatures God made

  • Rebecca Semke

    GREATER INDIAN FRUIT BAT or INDIAN FLYING FOXPteropus giganteus©ilikefish/Jon Read The Indian Flying-fox is a species of megabat in the Pteropodidae family. It is found in Bangladesh, China, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This photo was shot in the Maldives. It is also known as the Greater Indian Fruit Bat, it lives in mainly forests. It is a very large bat with a wing span of between 1.2 and 1.5 meters (4-5 feet). It is nocturnal and feeds mainly on ripe fruits such as mangoes and bananas and nectar. This bat is gregarious and lives in colonies which can number a few hundred. Their offspring has no specific name besides ‘young’. They reproduce sexually and give live birth. They have one to two young. The Indian Flying-Fox lives in tropical forests and swamps, where there is a large body of water nearby. Fact Source: Other photos you may like: Egyptian Fruit Bat or Flying Fox Indian Flying Fox Baby Flying Foxes

  • Meredith Abshire

    bat#cute baby Animals #Baby Animals

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The perspective makes this bat look huge. We get bats flying around our neighborhood just as evening falls. They are so much fun to watch.

Manta Ray leaping 9 feet in the air off the coast of Costa Rica, Central America // photo by Roland Seitre Solent. 2010 -- click photo for article

Rodrigues fruit bats are only found on the Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean and are critically endangered. This is a great photo of a bat with pup!

Fruit Bat eating an apple. This is what attacked my friends' car in Australia. Word to the wise, do not throw fruit at a fruit bat, it might just throw it back!

What an amazing picture of a bat's "hand" bones!

Pteropus Bats of the genus Pteropus, belonging to the Megachiroptera sub-order, are the largest bats in the world. They are commonly known as the Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes among other numerous colloquial names. They live in the tropics and subtropics of Asia (including the Indian subcontinent), Australia, Indonesia, islands off East Africa (but not the mainland Africa), and a number of remote oceanic islands in both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

This must be what AC/DC had in mind when they released "Back in Black". Puppies with bat wings, woohaa.

Bat face! Soooooooooo cute. T- remember our fruit bat friend who was happy to see us? Love bats ever since

People find bats creepy and scary but I think they are miss understood and I would love to have bats on my property. I've always enjoyed watching them fly around looking for a tasty meal.