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You mean they don't?

  • Kim

    Nope. I've learned that lesson the hard way.

Yep, Perfect way of putting it.

Due to some recent issues with long time friends-or so I thought they were, someone gave me this quote to cheer me up...and tell me what a true friend really is...thanks!!

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them ~ Ernest Hemingway ~ Single love

I'm my own paper just like everyone else

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Do EVERYthing that you can.

It brings a whole new meaning to this phrase when it's a lesson learnt while juice cleansing. Check out for more details.

"We go into the UNKNOWN EVERY DAY of our lives... for the week is sure to be a BATTLEFIELD, outwardly and inwardly in the UNSEEN LIFE of the spirit... Either way, the Lord your God goes before you, He shall fight for you!" ~ Amy Carmichael

  • Brittany Elms Baldridge

    As I'm looking through some scripture pins tonight, I notice this is not the first time Pablo has decided to comment. All I ask Pablo, is that you show some respect for our beliefs. I would ask why you take it upon yourself to look for religious pins to cause a stir on, but I'm fine with you bringing your questions and I hope you continue to read them. Just please be more respectful.

  • Pablo

    Sure Brittany, Appreciate your comment. I think religion is harmful. The Bible is a book written in the bronze ages by ignorant men where superstition was sky high. While I respect your beliefs my problem lies when you make this public and might contaminate the minds of the young/next generation with fairy tales and fantasy worlds (heaven) or a sky daddy in the heaven. It is a lie (scam) that i despise, and will always challenge it.That's all

  • Jesslin Groce

    Well said Pablo.

  • Tracy Thacker

    go and troll somewhere else.

  • Jesslin Groce

    Tracy, he has a valid point. He can comment on anything he wants.

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YES! Lesson learned. Now, if you need some ideas for a new lesson, how about giving me the opportunity to learn how to manage large amounts of money while not turning into a materialistic snob! I bet I'll get that one on the first try!