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  • Rachel Heffron

    Dr. Spencer Reid. You're the reason I watch Criminal Minds. GUYS WE'RE SOUL MATES!!! SOUR PATCH KIDS AND COFFEE😭😭😭😭

  • Antía Dobarro Barbosa

    "I do drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of sour patch kids though, so I guess I'm kind of a badass" Dr. Spencer Reid. You're the reason I watch Criminal Minds <3 // Matthew Gray Gubler

  • Virgy Avila

    Dr. Spencer Reid. You're the reason I watch Criminal Minds. I love this man!!

  • Alexandra Clouse

    I adore him. #nerd #Spencer #CriminalMinds #Smart

  • Katherine Perez

    spencer reid quotes - Google Search

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The most adorable photo in the world…There will never be a better picture than this one. My two dream men, Morgan and Reid.

I want to marry him. Does that make me creepy? Probably. Do I care? Not at all.

I have no clue how I feel about Mathew Grey Gubler, but I know I love Dr. Spencer Reid! And he's fictional, so that's not cheating!

"That's kinda my favourite thing about Reid, that he's borderline schizophrenic and now a drug addict! Woo-hoo! Go Reid!"

Matthew Grey Gubler talking about his character Dr. Spencer Reid. (And on the 7th season, he developes a HUGE, scarcastic attitude!)

Couldn't decide if he was want or icon... so I settled with Icon because I can still gaze in his amazingness =)

Matthew Gray Gubler. dear LORD can we all just talk about this picture right now...

Matthew Gray Gubler. Cannot get enough of him, he is more than just a nerd ;) The guy is hilarious in interviews, and has absolutely perfect bone structure! I dieee inside wanting him soo much Shemar Moore's "The Bounce Back" Campaign Criminal Minds

Matthew Gray Gubler...too cute.

This has to be one of my fav pics of him. Nerdy, happy, non-hegemonically masculine (?)... He could pass for a feminist professor :-P