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23 Most Adorable Cat Photos You Need To See Right MEOW -

little turtle

White pug

orangutan baby



Family portrait

Cute Chihuahua!


Baby Gundi

The force is strong with this one :)

Polish Buff Laced Chicken



Like any mother fed up of her children fighting, Cleo had clearly had enough of her offspring's highjinks

Sphynx cats appear hairless but are actually covered in a fine down which feels like chamois leather

Adorable: This cute baby rabbit and two fluffy ducklings don't seem to think three is a crowd as they relax together on a pile of wood

Ignore us: This Red Deer doesn't appear to mind the jackdaws resting on his body and antlers as he stands in Richmond Park, London

This Maasai giraffe appears to have befriended two birds




Curious Squirrel

Mouse Climbing Grass