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The greatest sport and players. Football, baseball and basketball players have nothing on these athletes!

i'm putting this on the outside of my bedroom door as a disclaimer...

I love the idea of spelling out things in concrete- this would be so fun on a patio.

A quiet mind does not mean that there will be no thoughts or mental movements at all, but that these will be on the surface, and that you will feel your true being within, separate from them, observing but not carried away ~ Sri Aurobindo

Yoga Sequence For an Aching Runner's Back - If you run, it's not unusual to experience back pain at some point. This pain can be caused by tense upper back muscles and shoulders, weak abs, tight hamstrings and hips, or a combination. You'll be amazed at how a regular stretching routine can help! Sleep better and tie your shoe with ease by going through this 11-pose yoga sequence after every run.

Become a practioner of yoga (or at least be able to do all the moves without pulling something)

January 6th- begin Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training!

Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate Love~

Several of my friends have been to Paris this Spring and I'm so smitten with their photos. Had the realization yesterday that I promised myself I would go by the time I was 30, and that birthday has long passed and I can't believe I still haven't been. Hoping to manifest teaching a workshop in Paris (or nearby) so I can go there in my soon-to-be-37th year. :: print by theloveshop