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Ok, seriously H, i laughed at this out loud harder than any pin I've done so far….I fear i'm done for.

I love puns....and I love Tom Selleck!

I have the necessary koalafications. Your koalafications are completely irrelephant. Don't listen to him. He's lion. This arguing is becoming unbearable. Indeed, it's making my voice horse. Please horse. When do you ever say something smart? Don't worry, owl wait. Ouch! Hawkward! I'm out of here! You are all giraffing me crazy! Alpaca your things. Let minnow when you get there!

once again...goin' to hell...but this is funny LOL

THis is a groaner! A full conversation of terrible (as in, awesome) animal puns...

i would love to put my make up skills up to this challenge and try some crazy photography

OH MY GOSH, Did he really say that?? Awww, I hate Twilight, but that's just MEAN!

I remember my brother and I doing Mad Libs from our scholastic book orders when we were a the toilet humor we used...#5thgradehumor (yes, Erin B K Gooch I hashtagged in Pinterest) This is right up Kimberly Peterson Peterson Pennell's alley.