Got Pallets? Hate weeding? Dont feel like turning up a bunch of grass? Use a pallet as a garden bed - staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet fill with dirt and start growing!

DYI Pallet Vertical Herb Garden: Most of us live in narrow and really limited living space and cannot afford a garden place. To feel the greenery and pure nature so close even you are living in a compartments, we have some great pallet garden bed for you. We have reclaimed DIY pallet vertical herb garden by using some rustic pallet skids lying in our backyard for nothing. This came up with as a very thrifty and adorable way to get a chic garden place.

Pallet Garden - Landscaping with Pallets | Pallet Furniture Plans. But with veggies!!

Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant #gardening #irrigation #upcycle. I would put the lid on after you fill it up. SP

Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade

Low Cost & No Cost Trellis Ideas | The 104 Homestead - Trellis your vining vegetables using little to no money.

growing tomatoes | growing tomatoes upside down

this is my fantasy vege garden plus this website has heaps of cool ideas on how to construct raised garden beds

Garden Tip on planting seeds, use a muffin pan to press holes into your dirt to form perfectly spaced holes for planting #Garden, #Tips, #Ki...

good idea, start your tomato seeds like this then put the whole thing in the ground when you plant them, the tomatoes will thrive off the egg shells

Penny Ball for the garden. Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue. I love this idea. It looks old and new and beautiful.

How to build the perfect raised bed

wine box garden

unique raised bed gardens

elevated garden box

Small garden idea? super easy Raised bed garden design. (And you can put marigolds in the cinder block holes as a cute, colorful border and deer/rabbit repellent.)

Worm Cafe - Compost with Earthworm right in the garden. Awesome alternative composting idea. Decorative AND no turning? Deal.

Pallet garden bed

How to Build Raised Bed Covers

Pallet garden. I've got dogs and can't plant on the ground, I think this would be so great!