How to Watermark a Photo in Picmonkey

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Confused and overwhelmed by Photoshop Elements? This 3 video series will teach you everything you need to know to rock your photo editing.

How To Create a Custom Transparent Watermark in PicMonkey | Easy to follow instructions will have you creating a custom watermark in no time!

Editing ... free things to replace the online editing program, PICNIK, that recently closed .... FYI: I didn't see on this list, yet. It's pretty sweet, and they're adding more features all the time ... collage coming soon!! It's going to be better than Picnik, and for now, it's all FREE!

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PicMonkey Tutorial on Watermarking and adding shapes to your images:)

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How to Create and Add a Watermark to Your Photos in PicMonkey - wow this is so easy!

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How to Custom Watermark Your Images and why YOU should!

I love the retro tutorials...10 Great Photoshop Tutorial Lists #graphics

How to tell if your images are being stolen. Plus tips on watermarking your pictures.

really cool tutorial about PicMonkey! ( Picmonkey is my FAVOURITE editing program!)