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    Buckets transformed into seating for students that chose to work in there (great for ADHD and Autistic students)

    How to make Cricut Cutting mats sticky again - by Sami. Cover the edges of the mat, then spray it (outdoors) with Krylon Easy-Tack. Spray lightly. Let it dry. The adhesive actually needs to dry before it becomes sticky.

    How to straighten and curl your hair without damaging it

    How I Use My Cricut Machine

    Natural Treatments For Tinnitus

    This room is bright, beautiful, & organized.

    long bob.


    Each colored shelf for different reading levels

    The text also allows for predicting, inferring, and analyzing.

    Alice In Wonderland Directional Signs

    ____Chantilly Lace Dress by Isabel Garreton

    Does your sentence have swag?

    Back and Forth half up @ Princess piggies

    much more

    This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.

    Creating a Teaching Portfolio that Gets You the Job

    You can order a box of books from this site for $12.99. They will range from toddler to young adult books. Each box contains approximately 150 books (give or take). You can also order more age/grade specific books, but it costs a bit more. There is now an advisory on their site that due to high demand, boxes may not ship for up to 5 weeks, but for $12.99, that's a small price to pay :)

    Free app….Let students read a passage and record themselves reading. Review the reading with the student...They can reread as many times as you want them to in order to gain greater fluency!! Students improve when they can hear their own reading, evaluate it, and make a plan to improve!

    Popcorn Writing Center Activity: Students pick a yellow piece of popcorn (character) and a white piece of popcorn (setting) and write a short story. Containers can sometimes be found for $1 at Target's dollar section

    sound familiar?