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IMG_8949 by Wanna Bee Farmer, via Flickr

Archery Comes To Harlem ($30.00 per person) - New York Multicultural Adventures, Sports & Travel Group (New York, NY) - Meetup

“ If you can make the bullseye you can join us. If not we'll kill you." I've been waiting to hear those words forever. I was going to join the Squadron.

I love her costume. It's great to see a woman that is not pushing the sexy thing.

A leftie! in nice garb too, just needs an armguard to get rid of that sleeve.

Sporting COLOR!! In archery, archers use bows to shoot at targets. Each colored circle on the target means a different number of points. Each archer shoots a certain number of arrows at the target. The the archer collects the arrows. How do the archers know which arrows are theirs? Each archer knows teh oclors painted on the shafts of his/her arrows. COLOR plays an important role in many games and sports. Color can differentiate players, teams, points and positions.