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Sporting COLOR!! In archery, archers use bows to shoot at targets. Each colored circle on the target means a different number of points. Each archer shoots a certain number of arrows at the target. The the archer collects the arrows. How do the archers know which arrows are theirs? Each archer knows teh oclors painted on the shafts of his/her arrows. COLOR plays an important role in many games and sports. Color can differentiate players, teams, points and positions.

from The Orange County Register

With Mile Square archery expansion, learn how to shoot an arrow

Physics of archery - archer's paradox Useful in explaining "spine" to students

One of 2 excellent pages with Gerry Embleton's rendering of a Medieval archer's gear. Taken from "English Longbowmen" in the Osprey series.

I discovered today that William Shatner was one of the early members of Fred Bear's archery club. *brain explodes* How did I not know this after years of being both an archer and a Trekkie?