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  • Lily Bravos

    ABfab: Mixed Race Baby "it's the Chanel of babies!" LOL

  • Monica

    Absolutely Fabulous- Mixed race babies are the Chanel of babies !!! Hahahaha, I never knew I was a designer baby - love it!

  • Angela in Seattle

    Absolutely Fabulous - Mixed Race Baby "Mixed race babies are the Chanel of babies"

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As humans we are all alike, except skin tones that only matter concerning where we come from originally. Darker skin absorbs the sun rays & is necessary for those who's ancestors originated in the tropics. It does NOT make anyone less of a human, anymore than lily white skin that burns when exposed to too much sun, does. We are all of the human family, lets act like it & show respect to each other.

My baby boy will be this light I bet! Gahhhh so cute 😭

mixed race babies are the best! PLEASE let mine look like this!

Mixed Race Babies ❤ liked on Polyvore

Ha! I love "Absolutely Fabulous"...they are so mean, and yet so funny...

Adorable :) I'll have a little mixed baby one day ;)