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KNIT 911 (You will love this site to have info at your fingertips)

5 Simple Ways to Relieve & Prevent Hand Pain

The Non Slip Loop Knot. Superb. The strongest loop knot you can tie. Used by big game anglers worldwide. Easy to tie, far stronger and more reliable than the old fashioned strangulating figure eight knot that can substantially weaken line.

Knitting Cables: How to Fix Mistakes - Knitting Daily

knitted pebble wash dishcloth LOTS more on her site!

Stretchy bind off, onzichtbaar

How to... do a circular cast on. (gathering the cast on stitches into a circle so you don’t have to worry about joining them to work in the round) #knitting #yarn

Common Mistakes in Knitting. And how to fix them. Great video for beginners.

Adding beads to knitting - The great trick here is that using the teeny crochet hooks means you don't have to pre-string the beads on the yarn!