I cry more than i should. I'll admit it

A broken promise: A Poem

The best place to cry is in the shower; You can cry so hard that you drool; you can let the snot run down your face and the best part is no one can hear you. In the shower you can go strait into the ugly cry. no worries…

I live in constant fear of accidentally mentioning something I only know about you because I've stalked you on the internet.

I live in constant fear...

We live for the nights that spontaneous decisions become awesome adventures.

I want spontaneous friends. Ones that I can call on the spur of the moment on a random Tuesday night and drop everything and find an adventure.


Best photos of the week (57 photos)

Most quotable movie ever.missing some great ones though (Glen Coco? Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco! Annnnd none for Gretchen Wieners)

noo way... This is great!! Wait, Spanky works at Walmart?!

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

The Little Rascals all grown up.I love how 'Darla' is throwing up gang signs and 'Spanky' is wearing a Walmart name tag.

"One time Regina George beat me in the Olympics. It was awesome" - Mean Girls in the Olympics :P

one time she beat me at the olympics, it was awesome Raise your hand if your country has been personally victimized by Regina George. That is so fetch. On Fridays we wear gold. That's right Maddie she's real

True that.

ryan gosling, channing tatum and the notebook image on We Heart It

he just makes me laugh. hahaha :]

Funny pictures about Dwight Schrute's logic. Oh, and cool pics about Dwight Schrute's logic. Also, Dwight Schrute's logic photos.

best. show. ever.

I’m Just Here Because My Mom Said She’d Buy Me Tacos

Funny pictures about Girls from Toddlers and Tiaras telling the truth. Oh, and cool pics about Girls from Toddlers and Tiaras telling the truth. Also, Girls from Toddlers and Tiaras telling the truth.

Duck Dynasty Funny Stuff!! {N's Note: tried to edit the before/after pics off of the bottom ~ since i have those elsewhere ~ but my iPhoto would not upload the pic!!!!!!!}  :P

Funny pictures about Duck Dynasty at its best. Oh, and cool pics about Duck Dynasty at its best. Also, Duck Dynasty at its best.