trail steps; reminds me of my past enjoyable hikes through Logan's "Old Man's Cave," located in OH.

The smell of the wild garlic in the woodland is intoxicating. This is our first woodland and I can't wait until the woods we walk in surrounds our house. 2016

green path / shonai, japan

I move toward the light with the dark shadows behind me. 500px / Photo "le corridor de mon pére" by Bart Deburgh


Another portal into a fantasy world... places like these convinced me as a child that if I followed the path to the end, I would end up at the faerie courts or whatever, lol. The feeling of unreality that a path like this invokes is still captivating to me now. <3

Inca trail, reminds me of the rabbit hole but not by a tree. Wonder if I can get to Wonderland this way??

Ray of light, Canberra, Australia stairs steps sun


Night forest breezes - the theme behind Aesthetic Content's Midnight Brezza Luxury Scented Candle

Forest path

Dark Forest, Australia.

Mystical Stairs, Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina photo via pigtails

Walking path with a canopy of trees wish I had this for a back yard

Path through the Wild Garlic

Wooden Pathway


birch path


The Winding Path (Leiden, The Netherlands)