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    Hydrangea Root - naturally dissolves ganglion cyst??

    Ganglion cyst. Can't wait to share this with mom and Mary!

    Adventures in Fermentation: Kombucha - Gutsy By Nature

    Weightloss Drinks (Benefits, Recipes, and Tips): 50 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds #SexyByNature #Weightloss #Skincare #Health #Fitness #Diet #Workout

    Canker sore cure! Put a drop or two onto your canker sore and it will be totally gone in a day or so. Why suffer for 7-10 days when it can be gone in one day?! I use this every time I get a canker sore and it really works. I even put it on a cotton ball and dab it onto my lip when it feels "tingly". Now, I've never gotten a cold sore before, but maybe that's because I've always avoided it with the licorice root! My son also uses this for his canker sores and it works beautifully.

    Family history, hair falling out, joint pain, breakthrough bleeding, fatigue, irritability

    The Burdock plant is related to the Dandelion and Echinacea family. The seeds, greens and roots were used by the ancient Greeks as a medicine to heal many common ailments. The root is mainly used in today’s Burdock health supplements.

    The Effects of Flip Flops on Your Body

    Violet Wellness Tonic: "Violet's action as a bronchial remedy stands out. The flowers, leaves, and root of the plant contain saponin, known to encourage expectoration. Violet works internally as a treatment for respiratory-tract troubles such as excess mucus, coughs, cold symptoms, and inflammation." Rosemary Gladstar

    Guide to Herbal Medicines

    ANTIBIOTIC RECIPE: It comes from an ancient recipe created by grandmother many years ago. This DIY is armed with: Cayenne pepper, Manuka Honey, organic Garlic, organic Ginger root, Cinnamon and organic lemon juice. FOR ALL THE DETAILS: www.stepintomygre...

    12 ingredients to avoid in cosmetics & skin care products

    Nature Made VitaMelts Giveaway! Be one of three lucky winners to receive a full product line of Nature Made VitaMelts along with a yoga mat and water bottle! Leave your comment on the Nutrition Twins blog page to win! Woot! Woot!

    Common Medical Terminology

    As the days grow a bit shorter and the nights a little cooler, we can sense the approach of autumn and the changes it brings. Fall is root season! Autumn is a time of harvest and abundance, and as the earth itself grows cooler, digging for nourishing, medicinal roots gives us a close intimacy with the season and its generosity.


    Nature’s Flu Shot