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Eware 700-watt Juicer by Eware

Thinking about "juicing" to promote healthy living. Know anyone who juices often? #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch

Best Fitness App! Connecting with friends for support, encouragement and accountability makes getting healthy and fit just a tad easier. #Exercising/Healthy Living #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch

I have used Lose it! for over a year now and have lost 60 pounds while using it. Good app for #exercise/healthy living. #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch

UZO1 Salad on Ice Bowl and Server Set by UZO1

@Overstock - This serving bowl set from UZO1 is ergonomically-designed for food presentation at home and outdoors with a stylish and compact design that can be placed on the countertop. This set includes a 6-cup vented ice chamber stand to keep food cool for hours. $29.99

I use apps like My Fitness Pal and Weightwatchers to track activity and what I eat to help me manage my diet and reach weight loss goals. #Exercising/Healthy Living #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch Source:

How to Decide Which Cooktop Is Best For You

The Best Cooktops for Every Lifestyle. Choosing the best type of cooktop for your kitchen depends on your cooking habits and the needs of your lifestyle. Maybe your passion for making food demands a versatile cooking space, or maybe you're a messy cook and need a cooktop that is easy to clean. Here is a list of how the common types of cooktops can satisfy the priorities of your household.

Personalized Slate Serving Board

The vintage Slate Serving Board makes for a beautiful display, especially after labeling gourmet foods with soapstone chalk (included). Both practical and decorative, the serving tray is finished with hemp handles and custom personalization.

Hands down the best app for losing weight. I love using this to track my food and #exercise. #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch

6 Exercising/Healthy Living I use lots of apps to help me try to be healthier including reminders about drinking water, tracking food intake and exercise, making better shopping choices, etc. #mobilelifeofmoms #sociallensresearch