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Dividing by Fractions ... with Graham Crackers!

by Melissa Dianda
Teach your fourth grader an important math concept with this quick and simple activity that shows him how to divide whole numbers by fractions.
  • Shalan Karazim

    I think math is why I like food so much! Dividing fractions with graham crackers!

  • Tayler Weaver

    FRACTIONS... Activities: Dividing by Fractions ... with Graham Crackers!

  • Kathy Staples

    Fourth Grade Division Activities: Dividing by Fractions ... with Graham Crackers!

  • Natalie Wood

    Fractions with graham crackers. This will be a great group activity for the class.

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Dividing Fractions. This is Jadin's new favorite song. It's amazing how songs help you remember how to do things.

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