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walking in the rain like a little boy with a broken toy.Eyes wide shut trying to lose all the pain you feel....Mz

Today started out as a glorious rainy, cozy, lazy Sunday. The sun has now come out & I being "guilted" into doing, going somewhere. Not fair !

Jump in a puddle and make a splash. Don't always be afraid of ruining your closets or getting your feet wet. Sometimes you just have to jump, like you're 5 years old all over again.

Love this image, the fun the movement, the colours. S ...and it is about 40c as I am pinning it so I can almost feel the water, I wish.

When it's raining all around you, stay the course - even if you're down to just your raw, bare feet.

We had a few awesome days of rain in LA this past week. It was pretty cozy and scary until I had to walk to school and realized how amazing it feels to dance in the rain and just enjoy what nature provides us. I had headphones on me and danced along with the beautiful weather LA rarely provide us. :) #Peace #Dancingintherain #Rainydays #LoveRain #RainDance