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    YES!! This is my problem... and then I always wonder if a different brand would work better. Turns out, they all suck!

    So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

    hahahah i had a dome of hair in elementary school because my mom insisted i brush it

    Yep, and this is why every curly girl has a ponytail holder either on her wrist or in her purse at all times

    Curly Hair Problems... Yep. Okay this is the most accurate post that is related to me ever

    Yep I can do the exact same thing (same product, same amount, in the same weather conditions) and it never looks the same way twice.

    Every time someone says this to me I just want to reach out and touch them

    Ha! Been there...done that.... "Air drying" (naturally,) takes hours, but blow drying, (diffuser or not,) causes MORE frizz, so...your choice. : {

    and people ask if there is a "reason" why you are "dressing up" when really you just took the time needed to actually fix it...

    curly hair problems tumblr | SUNDAY PIC: Curly Hair Problems | Dancing on the Bar of Life