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Make your own nursery rhyme books that your kids can "read" themselves #inlieuofpreschool
I love working on nursery rhymes with my students.  Here is a great resource.
Nursery Rhymes Pocket Chart Activities - Awesome!  Offered for free by Carolyn at the Wise Owl Factory.
Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays & Songs|Printables
A series of children's favorite nursery rhyme printable posters with our lovely original illustrations and modern designs. These old nursery rhymes have a delightful use of language and fascinating historical origins. We think they can be a continuous favorite for modern kids who love playful use of language and nonsense poems. Decorate your  nursery rooms & classrooms with our latest posters!
Journaling For the Youngest!-- Little Hands, Big Work: fine motor
In Lieu of Preschool: L's Nursery Rhyme Books
Used this most of the year in my preschool class.

There are also activities through the home page for books and alphabet books to print.
Nursery Rhymes Song Sheets.  This blog has SO MANY great ideas!