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B-17 Flying Fortress. The young men were given 300 hours of intensive training before being deployed to action. The initial rejection rate of applicants was 45%. Less than perfect eyesight was a major cause of rejection. rjp

This is a 1:1 scale replica of the Supermarine Spitfire seen over the runway at Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona. Photo by Jay Beckman

The Swift Light.. Not only can you run off a mountain with this a rigid-wing lighweight glider.. You can also opt for the 4-stroke motor version.. so you can take off from a flat runway with as little as 50 meters.. Once you've caught your thermal and are heading upward.. the propeler folds up into an aerodynamic tail shape.. and you're off to gliding with the birds.. Awesome!

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1942 WWII Warplane Identification Chart, German and British Air Force

1942 WWII Warplane Identification Chart German and par inpress

The Supermarine Spitfire is a British single-seat fighter aircraft that was used by the RAF and many other Allied countries throughout WWII. The Spitfire's elliptical wing had a thin cross-section, allowing a higher top speed than several contemporary fighters, including the Hawker Hurricane. Speed was seen as essential to carry out the mission of home defence against enemy bombers.