Absolutely!!! Are you REALLY listening? This is our only chance!

<3 they deserve our respect, always!!

This is just wrong, wrong, wrong

George Washington. It is wonderful to read the words of the founding fathers. It is as if they are making the truth known today to save our Republic!

We The People...

I thank God for our military.

National Liberty Federation

This wasn't apparently posted outside of the Lexington Firearms & Gun Works in South Carolina. What do you think??

THAT'S RIGHT!!! (small print, but worth the read) 10-11-13 #Obama

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Yes! PC is Offensive and must be Stopped as it is the first step in losing our First Amendment Freedom of Speech.

Benghazi cover up

Sad but true. Too many people are happy being spoon fed entitlements by the government. Damn America....where is your self respect!?!


WHY weren't we told that both Barack and Michelle had LOST their Law Licenses.......seems like important information to ME!!!!

yes, feel free to do so

Obama Hires Muslim Terrorists To Preach To US Military: Under the command of President Obama, the U.S. military is now rehiring Muslim clergymen for active-duty service personnel. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is a division of the Muslim Brotherhood, was contracted to provide the U.S. military Islamic imams for Muslim service members. The FBI views ISNA’s “work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

Thanks to our military for protecting our land!!