The best part of waking up is shooting your alarm clock!

$9.27 Target Alarm Clock | Cool People Shop Target Alarm Clock requires a shot to hit the bullseye to shut it up. This clock solve the problem of people not getting out of bed. By creating something with a loud noise that doesn't have a regular snooze button, the aim is to force you to get of bed and accomplish a task. This laser target alarm clock certainly achieves that as high accuracy is needed just as you wake to keep the thing quiet.

An alarm clock that runs away from you until you chase it down and stop the alarm...I need this more than I would like to admit.

This bath mat turns red when wet. For when you want to freak out family members, roommates, etc. So great!

Tube Table Tennis What an interesting idea

Future of my children= Grenade alarm clock, pull the pin and toss it into their room, they must find it to turn it off.

iCade Turns iPad into Arcade Cabinet. Now, if I just had the iPad to go in it!!!

This cool gadget helps you write in a straight line by using lasers to guide you.

floating cabana

I MUST have the Clock of Silly Walks

walk on snow or ice with confidence...might start needing these for english winters!

Pretty genius inventions

Toothbrush Features Integrated Fountain-Making Tunnel

Love this

Chirp is an alarm clock with a vibrating pillowcase clip to wake you up without disturbing anyone else in the room.

Working Nintendo controller coffee table...serious?

Brightens gradually in the morning to simulate rising sun to wake you gently as nature intended. Would be nice for winters

Band-aids for men.

Toasty hand warmers - they warm up when plugged into a USB port

Remote Control Snack Float | 30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed @Shelby Bussard

Cookie Monster mug with cookie pocket... Awesome!