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Photoshop request…



My girlfriend is not allowed to…

Girls? Ladies? Honestly, if your man is spouting crap like this, he's not yet a man. Tell him to go home to Mama until he gets his game properly in order, or Big Jerk will not be having any fun with Mini Jerk. I remember one talk show dude who insisted his wife bathe him. Really? Unless he has other health issues, that's only allowed if a bear took his leg. And maybe an arm. While building our dream cabin in the woods.

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Community Post: How A U.S. Marine Deals With A Cheating Girlfriend

How to handle a cheating girlfriend, Marine style.

I knew you were my real friend after I noticed you cropped my photograph above my muffin top before sharing it on facebook.

hunger games memes for moms with toddlers - Google Search

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Stacy's Mom Jessie's Girl | T-Shirt | Pop Music Shirts

This is awesome.

A good #SUPERMOM infographic, highlighting everything moms do for their kids -- and husbands.

Por fin es viernes!!! Imagen vía Pinterest

Guy trying to sell Koala. Pros and cons of his. Cons are hilarious. Pros are pretty good too.