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Really neat use of different rendering techniques including random lines, stippling, hatching, cross hatching, contour line and blending.

Art at Becker Middle School: Chinese Ming Vases.  Love this scratch art

Chinese history - A great tutorial for scratch your own Ming vases. scratch away the paint to reveal blue underneath. You could also do black and clay colors for Greek pottery or do different cultures such as Asia, Ancient Greece, etc.

Simple Life Hacks That Will Actually Teach You Something (21 IMAGES) – Funny Pics Space « Funny Pics Space

Educational infographic & Data 29 Ways to Stay Creative. yes, yes, yes! Image Description 29 Ways to Stay Creative. yes, yes, yes!

How to make a mandala

Mapping Out Mandalas Tutorial. A more technical way to create mandalas, could be used in teaching math to M.

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