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Anchor Chart ROUND UP! Lots of different anchor chart ideas here for Kindergarten.

Reading At Home - Tips For Parents This is perfect for sending home with our students! Parents would appreciate some guidelines when helping their children with their reading homework. This printable includes tips for : - integrating reading in our daily family activities - choosing appropriate books - tips for helping beginning readers - practicing fluency & developing comprehension skills!

Common Core Aligned Weekly Reading post with examples and details

Figurative Language - This video is probably my favorite. The person who put it together is a teacher, and his sense of humor is obvious with the use of calmer music, etc. My students laughed so hard throughout the entire thing...and I teach 9th/10th grade, so that's saying a lot!

Freebie for Close Reading. Great tool to use as a reference!

This is interesting - I want to adopt some of these traditions for this Christmas.

Many students often associate figurative language with poetry and not prose. Therefore, these Task Cards help to draw their attention to figurative language in extracts from famous fiction

Middle school - Would you rather...have kids justify their thinking. Facilitating discussion before writing...give supportive details to opinions

Grammar review foldable. This would be good to keep all year to review concepts.

Pandora Stations That Work in the Classroom

Classroom Magic: Teaching Figurative Language with Commercials FREEBIE! How fun!!

Figurative Language Puzzles {FREEBIE}

▶ Context Clues - YouTube. A video that introduces an assignment to have students create made up words for a context clue assignment. Teachers students to use the words around it to figure out the meaning of a word. LOVE THIS ACTIVITY!

Free Context Clues Dominoes

Context Clues Bookmarks

First Day of School activity: Questions and "sticky" answers: What will you need to do to be successful this year? What will you [the teacher] need to do to help you be successful this year? What do you expect to learn this year in X grade? What should students be doing to make sure our class runs as smoothly as possible? School is important because...

Keep Calm and RETURN MY PENCILS Poster

Free Editable (PowerPoint) Calendar 2014 -15 School Year - Bright Polka dots.

Management Tools for Teachers

Free editable meet the teacher letter

I don't work with Special Ed, but I'm sure some of this could come in handy.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Nonfiction Text Structures & Features Cumulative Assignment. FREE assignment sheet!

Prove It Key Rings for Guided Reading Groups I got this ridiculously good idea from Joanne over at Head Over Heels for Teaching! I made a bulletin board out of the posters and six key rings to use for my guided reading groups. While I'm not having GRG I put them inside the supply caddies and the students are using them all the time!

{FREEBIE} Checklist of Literacy Behaviors. A great tool for reading conferences, reading portfolios and parent conferences!