Razor Ramon

Macho Man Randy Savage. WWF, WCW superstar. WWE Legend. World Champion. RIP.

Scott Hall aka "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon I totally miss him.....

Hulk Hogan

Dustin Runnels (Goldust) & his daughter Dakota Runnels at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

'Ravishing' Rick Rude, a very reliable upper mid-carder in the WWF between 1988-90, who was occasionally used in the odd main-event, Rude was a fine worker, he even managed to carry the Ultimate Warrior to a good match. His best work, however, came after he left the WWE and signed with WCW, where he often wrestled in great matches and was able to flesh out his persona into something more three-dimensional and believable.

WWF Vintage Superstars

Former WWE Diva Lita (Amy Dumas) I so miss Lita I wish she would come back to the wwe , because she was one my most fav Divas , so fast and a great entertainer , love love love me some Lita

Vintage 1988 TitanSports THE ROCKERS 8x10 Promo Photo WWF Wrestling WWE WCW

It's crazy how creative Finn Balor is. Hopefully the WWE takes full advantage of this and not overuse it

Jeff Hardy

Bret Hart http://www.upcunlimited.com/


Eddie Guerrero (1967 - 2005) Professional wrestler, former WWE champion

John Cena, WWE Wrestler

Vintage 1988 TitanSports POWERS OF PAIN 8x10 Promo Photo WWF Wrestling WCW WWE

Bret Hart - WWF Champion


HBK. Shawn Michael. WWF and WWE Superstar. WWE champion. Legend.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

WWE NXT Diva Paige. She need to calm down with her sexy ass. The things I would do to this woman....