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  • Megan Woods

    such a good idea for those popcorn tins you get at christmas time, I use mine as little trash cans for the bathroom and under desks | See more about dog food containers, dog food storage and cat food.

  • Tori kiesling

    DIY Pet Food Canister ~ You know those popcorn tins you get at Christmas? You can wash them out, paint them and decorate with some vinyl and fill with your dog or cat food.

  • Jacqueline Chase

    a great reason to buy one of those pop corn tins you see everywhere around the holidays! Old popcorn containers spray painted for dog food storage. Even if you don't paint it it's still a good idea. It's not like I display my dogfood.

  • Tonette B

    I want to do this! Popcorn containers spray painted for pet food storage. Cool craft project. Great way to upcycle those old tins. {Pet Food Container} {Dog Food Storage Idea}{Puppy Ideas} {Craft Ideas} {DIY Projects}

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