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Toys You Can Make With Cardboard — Roundup

We posted a roundup of crafting with cardboard boxes earlier this week. There is really no end to the creativity that can go into turning a cardboard box into super fun things to play with. Here, we round up ten more - all toys that can be made by you and your kids.

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love. toys you can make out of cardboard - garage, race track, marble race, dollhouse, castle etc. because sometimes making it is more fun than playing with it!

Amazing cardboard playhouse!! Build one with your kids and discover the joy and satisfaction of creating something together (key word: together). The more you share the control, the more fun you will have.

puppets/base on historical icons: For HS: develop story line and display boxes

My kids love cardboard boxes...LOVE...and when they can be house too, its one fun day!

For mail your parents can just put it in and you check every day

Cute Cardboard Box Crafts: Cardboard Box Kitchen Stove (via

#diy cardboard toys, hmm I wonder how long this would last, I like the idea, maybe use the cardboard tube from wrapping paper

Cardboard Noah's Ark. Simple projects with hours of playing time.

DIY cardboard box village for pretend play (at Adventures in Pink Sugarland) - WAY COOL!