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What a great way to always remember your childs favorite lovey for years to come. Imagine being able to pass down this photo along with the lovey to a future generation

Hans-Peter Feldmann Untitled (Two girls with a shadow). Clipped image pasted on cardboard and framed. 60 x 80 cm.

This is my dog. There are many dogs, but this one is mine.

Reminds me of me and you @ Krystle MacLaren. But with smiles xx

Perfect timing... Halley Lynne via Kristin Walton onto A Little Randomness Never Hurt a Soul

We spied on Mama Evangeline and Daddy Don when they started square dancing. They weren't very good at it.

Such an awesome photo. Can't beat the power of friendship or laughter.

Energy may be unseen, but it is real. Think, speak, and act with positive energy... Think Peace and act with Love.

2. the literacy rate for school boys in Hong King is 96.9%. (google)