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    Parenting and Harry Potter


    This is Seriously funny!

    Healthy eating vs. unhealthy eating

    Why yes I am on a diet; It's called the too rich for food stamps, but too poor to buy food diet.

    Story of my life!;

    Pretty much

    I think i laughed entirely too hard and too long at this cat but OMFG its hilarious


    Yes, please whine to me about how tired you are today. Are you growing a human? I didn't think so. Now shut the hell up.




    Dammit Moon-moon!

    Hahaha #moonmoon #tropicthunder oh Fellow Fellow Williams My moon moon

    Damnit Moon Moon get off the cat house!

    in 2014 moon moon will be graceful!

    This Moon Moon thing has gotten out of hand but I love it.

    Legolas' last name is not greenleaf. It would be Thranduilion meaning son of Thranduil. He is called greenleaf because that is what his name means. Just saying...

    Wedding cake? Ha


    Too true!! Haha



    Bras need to show some damn respect!