Recollections of a Mountain Man by Erika Haight via #Photography #Mountain_Man #Erika_Haight

beard man

♂ Man with his guitar "See the Light" by r

old man

'My Friend' by Julie Best - Taken 80mm Nikon Lens. Photograph at

by LJ

Salty Dog ... and salt does great and amazing things to your countenance and character..*********** >>>>I Just saw this photo, and it has touched me so much, that I wanted to " Pin " it on this board.........does it "speak?" to anyone else ???.

a moment in time

portrait black and white

The face of a man who has lived on the street for 46 years (he is 85 years old)

"Just only memories"... ☀


A Sadhu. Photographed by Joel Santos.

skin: black black: model Jourdan Dunn 03 by David Slijper for Dazed & Confused 2008-03 (via IIIINSPIRED 2010-09)

La mirada que más fuerza ejerce es aquella que sin decirte nada te lo muestra todo

Lee Jeffries' Fantastic photography

age and character

old man

Wow, Rajsthan, India (people, portrait, beautiful, photo, picture, amazing, photography, man, long, grey hair and beard, huge, big eyes)