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Food List for the 21-Day Daniel Fast

by Lee Francis
Based on one of the books of the Bible, the Daniel Fast restricts your normal food intake to include only vegetables and fruits. Like most religious fasts, the Daniel fast involves using sacrifice to deepen the relationship between you and God. As a result, you should consume the Daniel fast's permi...

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Daniel Fast Food List. We can use this for suggestions. We can discuss how we want to follow the fast when we talk.

Fruit & Veggie Diet Plan for fast weight loss that helps to motivate with results right away. Great to alternate with a balanced diet. 10 days on and a month off. It works!

Two Daniel fasts in the past two years have been transformative in my precious life. One was 10 days; the other 40 days. Both blessed in every.single.way. I have never felt so carried in my life. --pgw

Rehydration and Electrolyte Replenishment During exercise, your body loses water through perspiration and respiration. Restoring your fluid balance is essential for your body's systems. Watermelon's high water content makes it a natural thirst-quencher and fluid replenisher after exercise. What's more, watermelon contains important electrolytes essential for nerve function and heart health that become depleted through perspiration.

Daniel fast shopping list & blog... I really want to try a lot of these recipes. I hope I can stomach them! ;)