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Daniel Fast Food List. We can use this for suggestions. We can discuss how we want to follow the fast when we talk.

Fruit & Veggie Diet Plan for fast weight loss that helps to motivate with results right away. Great to alternate with a balanced diet. 10 days on and a month off. It works!

HEALTHY FOOD - "How to Build a 'Cancer Fighting' Salad #antiinflammatory #healthy #cleaneating".

Cancer fighting vegetables for lymphoma

Kate's Kitchen: Daniel Fast: Getting the groceries

Nutrition Label, found this site from Self magazine that you can enter in raw foods and even processed and prepared food, the serving size and it breaks down the nutrition facts for you! Now I can figure exactly how many calories/fat and nutritional value are going into smoothies I am making

The Seven Foods of the Virgin Diet - Seven foods that cause the most adverse reactions in people who suffer from food intolerance, according to the diet’s founder and certified nutritionist, J.J. Virgin: GLUTEN, EGGS, DAIRY, SUGAR, SUGAR SUBSTITUTES, SOY & PEANUTS AND CORN