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Outside, playground drinking fountains.

Presto Shopping Bag

Things I remember from my childhood

Loved these. Now found in bags of Revels and also back on sale in their own bags. About time too!

Dad always had a tin of Swarfega in the shed

Seen many of these.

£5 note 1971- 1991

Brut 33 luxury soap bar (1970s)


coin meter inside the scullary to obtain electricity

Cash Register....reminds me of hopwoods

Bedtime Yoga Practice - YouTube

The Government booklet issued to every household in the country.

Fishing on the canal, Bethnal Green.

Jaws game

Victoria Park Lido

Old British Gas van

In truth Cresta pop tasted like chemicals but it was so trendy to dance around saying it was 'frothy man' that I pretended to like it more than I actually did lol

tree top orange squash 1970s

Sweet wrappers over the years - Page 2

Glass milk bottle with foil cap

I remember these. :) - me too!

Commodore 64 datasette squeak squeak for half an hour

Confectionery from the 1970s