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I used to put these all over my face like they were piercings. I was all about style from a young age :)

Amy Johnson (1903-1942) pioneering English aviator. The first aviatrix, to fly solo 11,000 miles (18,000 km) from England to Australia (in a Gipsy Moth), with a co-pilot she flew London to Moscow in one day, and then across Siberia and on to Tokyo, setting a record time for flying from Britain to Japan

때는 1981년. 학업 성적을 볼모로 나를 자극하던 물건. 천하를 손에 넣은듯 기뻐했던 물건. 이후 그런 감정은 순수히 내 전용으로 구매한(형님과 같이 쓴다거나 이런게 아닌) Apple의 Macintosh Quadra와 Motorola의 Tac II 아니었을까? 그 후 지금까지 그런 감동과 감정을 느낀 물건은 그닥 없는 듯... 아~ 옛날이여! ~

Enid Blyton Books - my all time favorite English author as a child. Secret Seven Series, Five Series, Mallory Tower Series, etc. Loved them all!

The Mysterious Cities of Gold... loved it as a kid and now I love watching it with my kids

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (1982-1983) Nickelodeon - DIC Entertainment

Sucking on a schuimblok. No idea how to call them in English... for it's typical Dutch

The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Used to be obsessed with this show.

Anyone else grow up with flocked wallpaper on the walls?