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tiffany blue and pink cake (sponge cake with berries jam and mascarpone frosting) + chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Cake pops - sponge cake with strawberries jam coated with dark and with chocolate and colored sugar pralines

Sunflower cupcakes - absolutely adorable! I am about to go cupcake crazy

Nilla-Nanner sandwiches. Perfect! add nutella:)! That's kind of really cute. Great snack for kiddos, and I really like the name =)

Cookie Monster Cake. adorable!

must make these for my bebe sister, she is obsessed

"easy Nutella croissants"...yep, we're using prepackaged crescent rolls, but I have to admit they look really good! (and they ARE really GOOD)

Cake pops - sponge cake with cream cheese. covered with dark chocolate and sugar sprinkles