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There are a few things that compare to the unconditional love of a pet. Pets do a great job of bringing families closer together and can enrich the lives of their owners in so many ways.

Does your dog or cat have a flea problem? So instead of running to the pet store, here are 5 safe and effective remedies to cure flea infestations organically.

Healthy Pets: 5 Tips For Organic Flea Control

This is a guide about getting rid of fleas naturally. Whether they are in your home, on your pet, or in your yard fleas are a nuisance to have around. Killing them without toxic chemicals is possible and affordable.

boy and dog 13 years together

Then and Now Photos of Kids & Their Dogs

15 Heartwarming Photos Of Dogs & Their Humans Growing Up Together

"Oh yeah? Well if you didn't want to see that sort of thing you should have KNOCKED FIRST!" (from Animal Antics: http://pinterest.com/popeggs/)

Rabbits can go into shock if immersed in water. If you have to wash a rabbit, fill a bath/tub with about an inch of water. Put a towel in the bottom of the bath so the bunny has some grip.


Looking for healthy natural alternatives to manage your pets health? There are excellent essential oils for dogs & cats. Use only certified essential oils.

Chat : conseils pour l'empêcher de faire ses griffes partout

Urge Van Trust Real Estate to Help its Tenant Purrfect Pets To Relocate!