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  • Kim Krueger

    guys should do this at least once. #datenight

  • Ceilidh Belnap

    Every man should do this. Take one of your favorite dresses to see her in and take it to a store and get the women there to accessorize the outfit! Every girl would love to come home to new jewelry and a date night all planned by him!

  • Kelly 📖

    This man knows what he is doing! Such a cute idea

  • Savannah Rose Parker

    Ok seriously. adorable surprise date idea. future husband, take note.

  • Cori Abbott

    Husband buys wife an outfit and takes her on a surprise date! Cute idea! I hope my husband had my mom or sister or best friend pick out the clothes.

  • Paige Ganley

    this is such a cute idea just don't like the dress

  • Teri Langley

    very cute idea for a surprise date night

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