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Not-so-nice Libra

libra negative attributes - I'm not usually into this stuff, but a lot of it is actually true :/

sagittarius zodiac - Bing Images

Sagittarius-The Archer(November 22-December 21)

libra, sick of being single?

Funny pictures about Being more adventurous. Oh, and cool pics about Being more adventurous. Also, Being more adventurous.

Like all games calle the gamster

Me being a libra. And I’m INTJ. The supreme observer and startegist combination. Not gonna be good news to shady people.

Libra - oh wow. Matching favorite colors, ring stone, and favorite number!

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The only thing wich I disagree is the drawing. C'mon, I listen to (insert here your favourite singer but Justin Bieber) I'm like, pretty sexy :3

Why Virgos Are Often Single Or never get committed so fast ? Virgo isn't just a detail-oriented sign. It's an idealistic sign and So, they don't just want