Oh so stinkin' cute...next year's presents???

Paint brush Santa

Paintbrush Ornaments

santa paint brushes craft | Here's my version of this cute Paintbrush Santa Ornament. You can find ...

Santa brushes

Cute Santas

Wooden Spoon Santa Christmas Ornament.....

wooden spool ornament. No link picture only.

Paintbrush Santa

burlap ornament

Christmas Block Ornaments

How to make a vintage Snowman ornament. Great tutorial using Magikote (they texturing stuff). Yes, Christmashas passed, but Easter, St. Patricks, Valentines, etc., still await!

DIY Popsicle stick angel ornaments for a tree or to hang off a present. #christmas

Christmas ornaments

Homemade Christmas ornaments

Santa ornament - Santa suit mason jar lid ornament

Pine Cone Ornaments Great Idea. Beautiful way to bring nature into your home for the holidays.