@Rachel Wilson Someday you will find this in your back yard :) WAY better than a swing set!

backyard beach

Backyard screening

our tree fort

Great backyard tree house. Ben would love to make a tree house one day

Build a backyard movie theater this summer!? Yes, please!

garden pod

Tree house room!

Amazing Jag Grill BBQ Table

Tables stacked to create a book case?! Shut. Up. I'm in love

cool sunken outdoor couch

I like the idea of an outdoor chalkboard so kids can color without being out front of the driveway or blocking the patio when people are over. If I put it under the deck, it would even be protected from washing clean right away.

How to make a tree house for under $300. Build your own outdoor playhouse.

Outdoor bar. Made from palettes. Concrete bar top

Love the ladder and deck but I want a more kid like house

LOTS and lots of tree house ideas

DIY Outdoor Bars. Except take out some boards in the middle for added shelving.

Semi-tutorial... Would be awesome down the center of a table, or on a coffee table.... love http://blog.happilyeverborrowed.com/

Beach in your backyard!