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EEK! Not sure about trusting the wisdom of someone who thinks the McDonald's arches are ok for eyebrows?!

My new life motto. Unless of course it's me with the bad eyebrows.


Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions chocolate understands. I could use some chocolate right now.

@Courtney Woods lol!! and we WON'T kill each other! even if the other one begs! haha!

Untitled (We are going to make it through this year if it kills us) by Mike Monteiro. Could not be truer for us this year!

you shot me right in the face with a shotgun

I hate free advertising for corporations but this is a cute one: "Where should I apply perfume?" a young lady asked. "Where you want to be kissed" - Coco Chanel

My friends on my tennis teams and in my groups often tell me, in a teasing way, that I am bossy. And I have to admit, it’s true. But it’s sort of necessary if you want to make sure that…


My husband's wife is freakin' AWESOME! This is so true! Every wife should have this pinned. Cursing Mama says, "Sometimes the truth is awesome!

true story lol

K to T-"One day my patience will run out, and I will stab you. In the face. Very hard." Jaime-"I think you normally punch people in the face.

I shoot from the hip....  If you want to hear the truth, you will always hear it from me.... definitely do my best to say and do with integrity, love and a constructive heart and intent.  I do not talk about people... I talk TO you...

i always mean what I say quote quotes funny funny quote funny quotes humor lol

jules verne quotations sayings famous quotes of jules verne

"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon who could not be happy?" Quote by Oscar Wilde.

Waiting for you to arrive

Just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bombdiggity. did someone just use bombdiggity in a quote?

Remember when

remember when we were young, how we couldn't wait to be grown up? Wow, were we stupid or what?

Thoughts that cross my mind ALMOST everday!

in 3 different ways and all were slow and painful. I may look calm, but in my head I've killed you 3 times - handling rude customers at work.

That guy must of done something wrong in his past lol. Karma definitely came back around on him when he ended up with that bitch. It's a shame he won't be warned ;);)

Sometimes I really wish Karma came in this life not the next! Treat people as you would like to be treated. Karma's only a bitch if you are