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I'm awkward. I laugh a lot. I trust people I shouldn't. I'm quiet at times. I smile a lot, I get left out. I like to be able to be myself. I try to look pretty but give up a lot. I've been hurt. I don't like my appearance at times. I'm not perfect, but I'm just going to be me and see where life takes me.

I know its sad, but this sums me up almost perfectly. I have a hard time believing I am good enough for anyone. My insecurities run to my core. :(

Gotcha Cha Chafrom Gotcha Cha Cha

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And proud

Take me as I am or watch me walk away. I did walk away from one and married another. The first was a loser. The second has been a winner for over 48 years, and I still am his first choice. We're headed for 50 years together and beyond. ALWAYS be SOMEONE'S first choice!

This is so the truth. Nice doesn't equal pushover.

As the quote says, call me old fashioned. I won't kiss a girl on the first date. I probably won't even hold her hand or even compliment her on her beauty. Call me old fashioned but I believe people before my generation had relationships right. I take relationships seriously, I don't want to be apart of a generation who views the divorce rate at 50% as acceptable because it's not.