• Megan K

    Australian Shepherd Puppy.... Gorgeous eyes!

  • Trista Ybarra

    Australian Shepherd Puppy - our family's next pet.

  • Courtney Scalzo

    Australian Shepherd Puppy. Cutest thing ever!!!!

  • Zee

    Australian Shepherd Puppy. I totally want a dog with electric blue eyes!!

  • Jae

    Australian Shepard Pup. Blue eyed animals are so amazing!

  • Anne Bell

    Australian Shepherd - best dog I ever had was Diego - a blue merle aussie w/ blue eyes and copper trim.

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Little fairy house!:D

Love this garden!


spray on objects to be used in the garden to create solar lights anywhere! I am so doing this...

bury a banana peel 1" down at the base of a rosebush. The potassium will feed the plant and help it fight of diseases. ***Used banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and crushed Tums with calcium when planting tomatoes 5-9-12. Sherry***

Natural bug spray for the garden. 1 gallon of water 2 cups of Dawn soap 2 cups of plain listerine type mouthwash 1 tsp cayenne pepper Mix together, put in a spray bottle. 10 Steps to Organic Gardening

Amazing backyard with beautiful landscaping.


Borax Uses for Vegetable Gardening - Borax is a sodium tetraborate, which is a crystalline mineral salt. Many gardeners use borax for their gardens for maintenance purposes. Borax is sold in most grocery and garden care centers. It is an organic solution to rid vegetable gardens of common pests like bugs and invasive plants.

River rocks

Interesting:) Mosquito grass (a.k.a. Lemon Grass) repels mosquitoes | the strong citrus odor drives mosquitoes away. In addition to being a very functional patio plant, Lemon Grass is used in cooking Asian Cuisine, adding a light lemony taste

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Potting benches made from old doors or shutters

Make your own potato tower - no digging up potatoes! yields about 25 lbs/tower. (Wonder if can be done with sweet potatoes?)

Pruning Tomato Plants

Pretty little garden vignette.

Line flower pots with coffee filters so dirt doesn't come out--pretty clever!

TABLES :: Home Depot has 18″ whiskey barrels for $30 and Bed Bath & Beyond has 20″ glass table toppers for $8.99. This is a great idea for DIY outdoor tables…for only $38.99 each! @ Home Improvement Ideas I like this for the patio.

the perfect garden shed...

Would love to do a large natural stone path into the back oaks with shade plants lining. What a great place to linger while kids are jumping on trampoline!

Hostas in a pot: every spring they return, in the pot! Add geraniums and ivy for a fuller look.

Crazy quilt paving. From Rhone Street Gardens.