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    Womens dress- Chickasaw

    NMAI_Modern Woman's Dress by catface3, via Flickr

    Native American Photograph | Beautiful Native American Traditional Dancer -

    My native american heritage - Cherokee, and Choctaw.

    Native American model Brenda Schad. Choctaw/Cherokee.

    Choctaw womens dress | amarillo-choctaw: February 2009

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    “Ojibwekwe” - 1901

    Native American

    Native American

    Native American

    Native American

    As a youth of fifteen, Medicine Crow went on his first war party. In the next nineteen years, he led a vigorous and often dangerous life of a Plains Indian warrior. For twelve of those years he was a war chief noted for his agility in hand-to-hand combat, courage, and dependability in bringing his men back home not only safely but victorious. Crow Indian

    Native American Women Via Flickr


    Crow - Native American



    Left: Side-Fold Dress - Lakota (1830) Right: Woman's Dress (1840)

    native american?

    Native American