best friends, funny pictures hahahahaha you would be the one to fall @Kristen Davis

I don't care who you are! Watch this!!

healthy mcds

oh lord

Found it

we all have that one friend...

Best Friends' Yearbook Photo - My sis and I would have totally done this if we weren't 6 years apart! @Amanda Kincaid: Best Friends, High School, Yearbook Photos, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Yearbooks

What best friends are for... @Jess Pearl Liu MB @Jill Meyers Meyers DeSilva @Erica Cerulo Cerulo Rifon




Miranda: my idol! Ha!

This makes me laugh...

Haha, I remember doing this...back in the second grade lol:) #bigbangtheory jokes | ... Funny pictures (Sheldon, Big Bang Theory) | lolVirgin - House of Humor

When im looking for mom in the grocery store....


Sure..I'll go(;

If I was a veterinarian

ahahah. awh.