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What best friends are for... @Jess Pearl Liu MB @Jill Meyers Meyers DeSilva @Erica Cerulo Cerulo Rifon



This makes me laugh...

breathing is a talent, right?


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so relatable

2/6/13 . . . while administering an A exam this morning, I was sitting behind the large table at the front of the room working on my personal planner. I dropped a pen cap, and leaned over to pick it up. Unfortunately I was sitting in a computer chair with 5 wheels, and I swiftly fell over. The whole class was quiet, until I started laughing - then all 25 students burst out in giggles, too. How mortifying - first I was there, then I wasn't!

When you walk into your friend's house

Repinned for Tessa and for all my college student friends out there that are a facing finals week in the coming days!

This is exactly why I refuse to go to Zumba. I would be the one in the white shirt. Yup that would be me.


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hahaha i love friends

I'm trying to hold in my laughter at work for this one!!! Bahahaha!!