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from Cherished Bliss

DIY Wood Stain using household products

Get rid of fruit flies !! Use a wide mouth jar and fill it 1/2-3/4 w apple cider vinegar. (No other vinegar will work, btw. It has to be apple cider vinegar.) Add a few drops of dish soap, then fill the rest of the jar with water until the bubbles reach the rim of the jar. Finally, in the words of my lovely friend…. WATCH THE CARNAGE. If you leave that jar alone for a few hours, the fruit flies will come. TRUST ME. THEY WILL COME. Check it: - See more at: http://subu

from Etsy

Up-Cycled Wood Photo Frames mounted on found rough-cut Barn Wood

NON TOXIC outdoor fly trap. $15 Use anywhere flies are a problem, including your backyard, in horse stables, poultry operations, dairy farms, kennels, etc. It even traps fruit flies. The Ultra Biomass Bait is a blend of non-toxic sterilized food materials (carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals and stabilizers) developed by leading university researchers, and does not produce an aroma detectable by humans.

from Bless'er House

The Most Natural, Inexpensive Way to "Stain" Wood

There was one particular type of day in high school that was always the best.It wasn't pizza day at lunch or free day in gym or even movie day in English class. (Why in the world did the Demi Moore...