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  • Julie Sjobakken

    45. #Kitchen in Bodie, #California - 54 Still #Beautiful Abandoned Buildings #around the World ... → #Lifestyle #Abandoned

  • M M

    Abandoned kitchen, photo by Cleat Walters

  • Susan Hogan Feinauer

    Kitchen in Abandoned Farm House

  • Bree Tsuleff

    Kitchen in Abandoned Home in Bodie, California. Photograph by Cleat Walters, III, for Smithsonian Photo Contest

  • Virginia Ray

    Kitchen in Abandoned Home Photography

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Graveyard Art Print

Graveyard Art Print


Ash III by *MarcelaBolivar

Graveyard Haworth with the Bronte Parsonage in the backround...Yorkshire by PrestonWalesUK, via Flickr

Spiral Stairway

Abandoned home in Scotland. Someone should turn it into a rent-free retreat for writers. Aw, come on. A gal can dream, can't she? And if I'm gonna dream, I may's well dream BIG!

Abandoned Home of David Abercrombie, NY [OC] [1600x1200]

A haunted derelict palace in Poland. I need this home for our annual Halloween party.

Abandoned house

Kitchen in Abandoned Home. Photo by Cleat Walters, III. Picture Courtesy of Smithsonian Read more:

Abandoned school Millbrook, NY. Qui n'a jamais rêvé de vivre dans un ancien château abandonné, continuer une histoire familiale et lui permettre de subsister encore longtemps. Juste à connaître son histoire prospère ou dramatique...

The historic Old Hickory in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. Elliott Ness used to drink here. It's a shame that it is not being restored and cared for. It has such great architecture and lots of potential as a restored Victorian home / bed & breakfast. (Love the detail on this place!)

Lost beauty. One who has beauty is never lost..the beauty simply transits to a different plain just as a young man grays and wrinkles. The shifting stage of life is truly an enhancement, I believe. K.W.

Abandoned asylum Old Homes multicityworldtra... Cover The World Hotel And Flight Deals.

Abandoned Mansion in Ostrowo, Poland June 8th, 2012, In Urban Exploration, by Tom

I always feel a sadness for the abandoned beautiful homes remaining... Imagine it with the love it once had. The footsteps it felt...meh dark I know. But you cant feel the happy all the time. .It is respect that I have i the end of the day.

The first thing I would do is look for a way inside...

Beautiful stained glass window remains in an abandoned building

This beauty was once the home of a German couple who fled to Belgium to escape WW2. When the war was over, they returned to Germany, abandoning this mansion to become what it is today. Such a waste!

Abandoned Beauty by smacdaddy (Scott MacInnis), via Flickr

Cannot wait to see Maleficent

I absolutely love gothic architecture.


Misty Morning