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    ProTime Rough & Ready Alternative Lawn Seed: A blend of dwarf, drought tolerant grasses and our new MicroClover for a low maintenance alternative to traditional lawns.

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    Beautiful, eco lawn alternatives! This mix includes Dwarf Perennial Rye Grass, Turf Type Fescues and MicroClover. Once established it requires little supplemental irrigation or fertilizer.

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Fleur de Lawn. low growing ground cover for no-mow lawn. add dutch clover.

Hobbs & Hopkins ProTime 705 PDX - I don't think I'd have to water or mow this.

Fragrant Herbal Lawn is self-supporting, earth-friendly and features Roman Chamomile, Sweet Alyssum and Strawberry Clover combined with hardy, low-growing grasses and other herbaceous plants.

Mexican Feather Grass - (Nassella tenuissima) and allium. love the idea of using grass to hide allium stalks!

Geranium maderense ( pink) Plectranthus zuluensis ( ground) & Echium webbii. All drought tolerant .

Low Work and Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed

Turkish speedwell (Veronica liwanensis) Fast growing, drought tolerant ground cover that likes full sun and reaches about 2" in height. Tolerant of poor soil and is cold hardy.

Hobbs & Hopkins Ltd. | ProTime Lawn Seed | Microclover® - Grass alternative

Benefits of a Clover Lawn: Benefits of Clover - Nitrogen fixating - High drought tolerance - Green year round - Pet urine resistant - Grows in bad soil - Fertilizes surrounding plants

camomile as lawn, can also use creeping thyme or mix them together, and it smells gorgeous by the way.

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