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Homemade Blueberry Sauce 2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons cornstarch, mixed with 2 tablespoons cold water 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Zest of 1 lemon (about 1 tablespoon)

HomeMade Spaghetti Sauce - great canning recipe. Now I know what to do with all those tomatoes!!!

How to Make Homemade Caramel Sauce for the salted caramel cupcakes

Wicked Fudge Sauce! Ready in just 5 minutes, this stuff is wicked good! ♥

When all else fails, make spaghetti! But not just any spaghetti, Million Dollar Spaghetti. Your family will think you slaved in the kitchen all day. It will be our little secret!

Make this Simple Tomato Sauce in just five minutes - trust me, your pizza night will never be the same again!

How to Make Foam in a Mason Jar Fill your mason jar half way with milk. Put the lid on and shake for 30 seconds. Remove the lid and microwave the jar for another 30 seconds. That's it! One minute and you have thick foam to add to your coffee! Yum! :]

5 Minute Magic Green Sauce - use on salads, with chicken, or just as a dip! Easy ingredients like parsley, cilantro, avocado, garlic, and lime. Vegan!

3 Minute Hollandaise sauce 3 egg yolks 1/2 cup butter 2 T lemon juice dash of salt 1/2 t dried mustard a dash of hot sauce, or a pinch of cayenne pepper (opt). Separate eggs and add yolks to blender. Heat butter in micro or stove, until steaming, but not boiling. With blender turned on high, very slowly stream in hot butter. called tempering eggs. Stream very small or will scramble eggs. Add lemon, salt, and opt hot sauce. blend til thick and creamy. Serve immediately.