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Light — Print Aid NYC this print and other lovelies for sale, all proceeds go to the Mayor's Fund for Hurricane Relief

Through its expansive network of colliding visual motifs, F-111 addresses the connections between the Vietnam War, income taxes,…

Henri Rivière (1864 -1951) French artist and designer Henri Rivière is known for his post-Impressionist illustrations of Breton landscapes and the Eiffel Tower.

BTEC Extended Diploma in Graphic Design at Dudley College. A digital illustration based on an original World War One propaganda poster. The drawing was based on a photograph from the Great War Society.

Michael Hochleitner, co-founder of Typejockeys in Vienna, Austria has been an avid sketchbooker since he was a wee fourteen, when he started studying graphic design in Vienna. “I knew I was supposed to have a sketchbook,” he says, as though resigned to his fate. From Typographic Sketchbooks